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My Turn

Okay my take on the Nicky being gay story is going to start in the "There's Fine, Fine Reprise" where Rod comes out to all his friends on Avenue Q. Then, instead of Nicky giving Rod his present of Ricky, Nicky goes, "Rod, I actually have a little confession to make. Do you remember when I told you that you were talking in your sleep, and you told me that you had thought I was talking in my sleep?" Rod answers, "Yes, I remember." Nicky continues, "Well, you were right, I was talking in my sleep, and... and... we had our little fling there... and... well... my heart kind of melted in your arms... You see, Rod, I love you, I always have, and it really was killing me that you had kicked me out of the apartment. That is why I was trying to get you to confess that you were gay to me, because I am shy... and I wanted only to do it, if... if... if I knew you felt the same." Gasps and awws are heard from the rest of the cast as Nicky and Rod hug and kiss and show off there newly presented love. The show goes on basically normally from there.

I'll wait a little longer to post the Wicked one I was talking about. Hope you enjoyed my story.

~lisA - Mod.
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this story is so cute!! while i was reading it i was like thats so cute!! rod/nicky forever!
See, but you don't know what happens leading up to this or what comes after. Go see the show.