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[02 Oct 2004|07:07pm]

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BORING [01 Sep 2004|04:12pm]

[ mood | blah ]

This community is boring, so I am going to make it un-boring.


Guess the movie:

"America's favorite "Idols"... make the leap to the big screen in this high-enrgy comedy set during spring break in Miami - where the music, dancing, and fun in the sun never stop.

It's love at first splash when a shy singer from Texas hooks up with a cute Pennsylvania college student at the ultimate beach party, but a series of mix-ups and misunderstandings may prevent their budding romance from reaching the final round."

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Message from the Mod. [31 Aug 2004|09:06pm]

Okay, no one is posting on this community, so if no one posts in the next week or so, I'm deleting the community...

lisA - Mod.
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[24 Aug 2004|02:43pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

There a new community for Wicked OBC fans: jmandjlthaters , come join!


lisA- Mod.

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lion king [18 Aug 2004|12:08pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Okay the ending change is in the middle. And the Dad guy doesn't die but the uncles guy dies and then they live happily ever after. THE END!!!

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Wicked [18 Aug 2004|08:21am]

[ mood | cold ]

This takes place a few years after Fiyero (the scarecrow) saves Elphie. Fiyero then came out of his scarecrow get-up and is back to normal. They have long since gotten married, and Elphie is pregnant with there second kid. Both have taken on a form of their name to mask their true identity. Yero and Fae... They rarely leave their home. One day, Glinda, the good witch, running away,through a mostly abandoned country, with very few houses. Yero is playing out in the yard with his and Fae's first child. He spots Glinda and trys to hide, but it's too late, she's already seen him. Glinda exclaims, "Fiyero!  Long time no see! Everyone thought you were dead." Yero replies, "Who is this Fiyero? He is dead. And, by the way, who are you?" Glinda, now confused, "Fiyero, you must remember me. We were once engaged... and then you left me for Elphie, oh dear Elphie, how I've missed her..." Fae walks out of the house after hearing a voice other then Yero's, "Everything all right out here, honey?" Glinda, now more excited then ever, "Honey?? You two are married now? And you have children?(remembering that she hasn't seen Elphaba in years) Oh Elphie, you are alive! I thought you had been killed, someone said you had been melted. Oh, how good it is to see you." Yero, to Fae, "Honey, do you know this crazy person, she's been claiming to know me. (Fae shakes her head no) Miss, I'm afriad that we cannot help you here... These Elphie and Fiyero you keep talking about, we are not them." Glinda, starting to raise her voice, "Yes, you are. I remember you both quite clearly. There is no forgetting either of you. We met at Shiz. Elphie, you were my roommate, I even gave you that hat. (Noticing that she was still wearing that old hat) And Fiyero, you were a Prince, and we were engaged, and we danced at the Ozdust Ballroom together. Please, stop this game, and tell me that you remember me and all of the things I have been telling you." Yero and Fae relise that she does know them too well, and they both missed her. They nod to each and Fae exclaims, "Oh Glinda, we remember! Glinda, how we've missed you. If we could have, we would have let you know that we were alive and well years ago. But you mustn't tell anyone that you have seen us when you return back to Oz, that stupid old Wizard will have the Gale Force out to find us again." Glinda admits, "I am never going back to Oz, not while that Wizard is still here... Oh Elphie, you were right about him... That stupid old man had ruined Oz... It may never be the same again..." Yero replies, "Glinda, dear, you mustn't call us by those names anymore, just incase. Call us Yero and Fae." Glinda answers, "Oh, yes, right then. Yero and Fae." Fae say, "Glinda, you are welcome to stay with us." Glinda exclaims, "Oh, thank you!" Fae admits, "You can help us in our plan to over throw the Wizard. He must be stopped." Yero says, "Right. we must get rid of that old man, any means necessary." They plan to kill the Wizard. In doing this, they find another group of outcasts, wanting to do the very same thing. These outcasts are Boq, Shenshen, and Phanee. (please excuse if they are spelled wrong, I can't spell and I am trying to spell from memory) The plan is up to your imagination because I started this post over an hour ago and I am still not finished, and I don't feel like thinking of a good one right now. Once the Wizard is gone, Glinda comes back and tells the Ozians of all of his lies. Everyone accepts that fact, and Elphie returns, remember what Glinda said, the Ozians see that she was never really Wicked and Nessa's shoes are finally returned to her. All is finally right with Oz again. YeahI think that should be all for now. I don't want to write a sequel to Wicked in my changing the ending. But I may use this as a starting point for writing a sequel to Wicked. Hmmm... ~lisA - Mod

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My Turn [16 Aug 2004|09:48pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Okay my take on the Nicky being gay story is going to start in the "There's Fine, Fine Reprise" where Rod comes out to all his friends on Avenue Q. Then, instead of Nicky giving Rod his present of Ricky, Nicky goes, "Rod, I actually have a little confession to make. Do you remember when I told you that you were talking in your sleep, and you told me that you had thought I was talking in my sleep?" Rod answers, "Yes, I remember." Nicky continues, "Well, you were right, I was talking in my sleep, and... and... we had our little fling there... and... well... my heart kind of melted in your arms... You see, Rod, I love you, I always have, and it really was killing me that you had kicked me out of the apartment. That is why I was trying to get you to confess that you were gay to me, because I am shy... and I wanted only to do it, if... if... if I knew you felt the same." Gasps and awws are heard from the rest of the cast as Nicky and Rod hug and kiss and show off there newly presented love. The show goes on basically normally from there.

I'll wait a little longer to post the Wicked one I was talking about. Hope you enjoyed my story.

~lisA - Mod.

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Howdy [16 Aug 2004|07:57pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey this is kinda linked to Cathleen's but I'll say it anyway.


At the end of Avenue Q. I think at the end Nicky and Rod should end up together! Come on now! Before I saw the show that's what I thought was going to happen. Also I think that at the end... the guy also from Different Storkes... his older brother should come on and he says something and gary Colman goes "What'cha Talking about Willius!?" That would of been GREAT!

Also... I hear the end of Wicked is Fiyero and Elphaba run away together I can't tell anyone they're alive. I think they should of ended it where a little while later Glinda meets Elphaba again and they say goodbye For Good (maybe sing a reprise to For Good lol) and then she sees Fiyero and is surprise by his looks and gets shocked and they leave.



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Avenue Q [16 Aug 2004|07:45pm]

[ mood | haha ]

HI!! well i didn't see avenue q but i know that rod was gay and likes nicky but nicky's staright. at the end of the song fanfties come true rod is awoken by his dream about nicky telling him that he loved him. but what if it wasnt a dream. so at the end of avenue q rod and nicky get married and adopt a kid and live all together in their apartment!!

hehe!! stupid but fun!

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Welcome! [16 Aug 2004|07:22pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey, I am the Mod. of this community. I would like to welcome everyone. Now you guys can start posting your ending to your favorite shows. If anyone can help me, I am actually looking for a better community icon. The one we are currently using, I made as a background, and it got very messed up in resizing. And I am not that good with live journal, so if anyone can teach me how to customize the background, it would be much appreciated. I shall probably post a story soon, but I'll wait until the community has a few more members. And remember, have fun writing :)

~lisA - Mod.

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